Why You Need Coconut Oil in Your Life

Because it’s amazing, that’s why.

I literally use it every day! The possible uses for it are practically endless. There are so many benefits to coconut oil; I just can’t get enough of it. It is a part of my daily cooking, moisturizing and cleansing routines! But its uses go far beyond that.

If you’re looking to make a purchase of this great stuff, always try to get organic unrefined coconut oil. When talking about the benefits of coconut oil, that is the kind of oil I am referring to. It has the highest quality compared to other types and has the highest amount of antioxidants. I have been purchasing through Nutiva  for my oil and it has always been great quality. For external use, fractionated coconut oil might be easier to use because it stays in liquid form. But I always try to use organic unrefined when I can. Here are some of the awesome ways I use my coconut oil!

Cooking Uses:

  • Cooking Oil: It’s great for frying things at high temperatures!
  • Amazing Popcorn: Potentially my favorite use.
    • 2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
    • 1/2 cup popcorn kernels
    • Salt to taste
    • Heat pot on med/high. Test oil with a couple kernels. Once they pop, remove pan from heat and add the rest. Place back on burner and cover. Then they should all start popping around the same time! Add salt to taste.
  • Replacement for Cooking Spray: I have found coconut oil cooking sprays in the grocery store which is awesome. If you’re concerned about quality (like me), then you can always use your freshly washed hands or a spoon to spread coconut oil on a baking pan or whatever else you need to use cooking spray for.
  • Boost Energy: Coconut oil can be taken internally with great health benefits! I like to add a tablespoon to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or acai bowls for an extra boost of energy in the morning.

    Skin Care Uses:

  • Facial Moisturizer: Perfect to use instead of a night cream!
  • Make up Remover: Does a super great job at getting all the mascara and eye shadow off my face.
  • Body Hydration: This has been my savior this winter. As soon as I’m dried off from the shower, I put coconut oil on any problem spots. I follow this with lotion for extra hydration.
  • Lip Balm: If I’m not putting it on my whole face already, sometimes I use it just on my lips to lock in moisture. It is especially helpful in these frigid Wisconsin winters!
  • Cleanser: You can do this very simply by just warming up some oil and letting it sit on your face for a little while. Wash your face and wipe off with a damp cloth. There are also so many homemade cleanser recipes out there that include coconut oil and work great!
  • Shaving Cream: Use as you would any store bought shaving cream. It will leave you with extra silky soft legs when you’re done!
  • Sunburn Remedy: Great for sunburn after care and can also help speed up the healing process.
  • Massage Oil: Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so it is perfect to just melt in your hands and massage away!
  • Carrier Oil: For all my essential oil lovers out there, fractionated coconut oil is a great carrier oil to use topically with any of your oils.
  • Sugar Scrubs: These are awesome to smooth and soften your skin. They especially feel amazing in winter to get rid of dry dead skin.
  • Anti-Aging: This oil helps to reduce fine lines. So perfect to use under and around the eyes.
  • Elbow and Foot Rub: In the dead of winter this is a big problem of mine. Rough elbows and feet :(. Use a little coconut oil to smooth those areas right up!

Hair Care:

  • Scalp Treatment: I like to apply oil to my scalp and let it sit overnight. It is great for dandruff and overall hair health.
  • Detangler: I use coconut oil very sparingly to detangle wet hair after showering. Try not to use too much, or your hair could look a little greasy.
  • Frizz Tamer: Melt a little oil in your hands and use very sparingly to calm frizz and catch any flyaways.
  • Help Damaged Hair: Melt a small amount in your hands and rub on the ends of damaged hair to help with split ends.

    Other Great Uses:

  • Oil Pulling: I really should do a whole post on this, but here are the basics. Swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and spit it out. The oil attracts bacteria and pathogens, “pulling” these toxins from your body. It can help with sinus, oral and overall physical health!
  • Lubricant: If you want to get all natural in the bedroom 😉
  • Reduce Swelling and Inflammation: Great for bug bites, rashes and any kind of sore. Helps to speed up healing as well.
  • Vapor Rub: All you need is some oil and a couple drops of peppermint oil!

What do you use coconut oil for?! I love to hear about the ways you incorporate this awesome oil into your daily life! Leave a comment below!

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