Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Puerto Rico

I honestly don’t think that there is ever a time when I am not planning a trip. I have that travel bug and it never leaves me. I’m always longing for new places and experiences; it’s all just such a thrill! Even if it’s just a quick three day weekend, that’s enough to get my fix (for a little while anyway haha). I swear I look up flights every day, just to see what’s out there. I never have a certain destination in mind, I just want to go somewhere!

So I am looking at flights this morning and a one way to Bermuda is so cheap!! $120!! I am like yes! Guess where my next trip will be?! I’m going to Bermuda! Fast forward 20 seconds to when I realize the return flight is $300. Booo, what kind of black magic is this?! How does that make any sense? I don’t understand it whatsoever. This is typically how it goes when I look up flights because I always like to book individual one ways since it can be cheaper than round trip. It’s like an emotional roller coaster every time I find a cheap flight! That excitement of a potential trip and new place I can experience. Then, 30 seconds later, disappointment when I realize airlines are idiotic and can somehow charge triple the price to get home.

This is no deterrent for me though. I am determined to keep looking. And I am so glad I did! A couple minutes later San Juan, Puerto Rico is up on my screen. Less than $300 for round trip! So if anyone is looking to go, now seems like a perfect time! Especially since here in Wisconsin we just had another snow-pocalypse. And it’s the middle of April. I cannot think of a better reason to go somewhere warm!

Isnt this place beautiful?!! Get yourself a ticket and go there!

Side note: If you guys are searching for flights with any other search engine besides, you are doing something wrong. It is definitely my favorite and the most fun to use. Since I am always indecisive on where I would like to go, you can search with the terms “Anywhere” or “Anytime”. My schedule is pretty flexible, so I can get the best deals to go anywhere. Or it will help me figure out where to go at a specific time. Its aaamazing!! I am legit on it every single day.

Since I found these uber cheap flights to one of my favorite places, I thought it’d be a perfect time to talk about some of the awesome outdoor adventures you can have in Puerto Rico! The weather is so amazing here, you can’t spend your trip inside! There are so many outdoor activities to choose from in Puerto Rico. Here are my 5 favorites!

Top Outdoor Activities in Puerto Rico

1. Night Kayaking in a Bioluminescent Bay

This is definitely something that should be on your bucket list. It is an amazing experience! If you’re not familiar with what this is, let me tell you a little about it. A Bioluminescent Bay is a body of water that has a large amount of microorganisms called dinoflagellates. When the water is disturbed these microorganisms light up and make the water glow. It is such an incredible thing to see. If you go on one of these tours, you will have a once in a lifetime experience. A guide will take you out in kayaks in pitch black! The kayak ride over to the bay is just as exciting and fun as the bio bay itself. Check out my guide to Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico to learn more and help you decide which one to visit!

2. Zip Lining

Get ready for the thrill of your life! Such an adrenaline rush! These zip lines are not for the faint of heart. I did say this post is all about adventure! Toroverde Puerto Rico is home to the longest zip line in the Americas. Up until January 31st, 2018 it was the longest in the world. Toroverde decided to expand their adventures to The United Arab Emirates, which now holds the record for longest zip line on earth. “The Monster” is still an insane zip line to conquer. The cable is 8300 ft. long, which is the equivalent of 28 football fields. Flight speeds are up to 95 mph. The best part about this line is that you are flying superman style. The special harness for this zip line requires you to lie on your stomach. It is the coolest feeling to be flying like this over the tree tops. The views during the flight are just breathtaking.

3. Cave Tubing

Before planning my trip to Puerto Rico, I had never heard of this. It is much more than it seems! This adventure is offered at the Tanamá River in Utuado. It involves: tubing through the caves of the underground river, swimming in natural springs, free jumping, swinging on a tarzan swing over the river, body rafting, hiking and swimming between rock walls, swimming in waterfalls, and rappelling down a 45 ft. cave wall. This can definitely be a whole day adventure depending on what you all want to include. Visit Tanamá River Adventures for all the info on the different tours. Such an adventure!

4. El Yunque National Forest

Hiking in this tropical rain forest is definitely something fun to do! It can range from beginner hiking to quite adventurous. If you get a map, the trails and landmarks are not too difficult to navigate by yourself, but you can always get a guide if you prefer. Once you are in El Yunque, you basically follow a winding road that leads you to most landmarks, look out points and trails you might want to hike. La Coca falls is one landmark that can be seen from right of the road. It is a giant magnificent waterfall measuring 85 ft. high. Further up the road you will find La Mina trail or Big Tree trail. Both of these lead to La Mina falls, although La Mina trail is shorter. At the end of the trail you will be delighted to find the beautiful La Mina falls. There you can swim and enjoy the wonderful natural beauty around you!

5. Snorkeling

This is a given on any island I travel to. And in Puerto Rico, I was not disappointed! We took a Catamaran tour to Culebra and ended up on Flamenco beach and had the best time! The white sand beach was amazing and waters here were shallow and a beautiful turquoise color. All the fish could be seen below the surface of the clear water, it was amazing. Definitely some of my favorite snorkeling of all the places I’ve been. You’re sure to see some beautiful fish and maybe even sea turtles!

Have you been to Puerto Rico? What are some of your favorite activities in this amazing place? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂

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